The Xpert and Xceed bundles are a state-of-the-art product package solutions that combine a generator, tube, cooling unit and cables. All its components have been developed together and are thus in alignment with each other. This in turn facilitates the package’s quick, easy and cost-efficient integration. Dunlee’s product leadership provides higher tube reliability, which translates into excellent productivity, fewer service calls, and less downtimes.


These turn-key product bundles are available in different technical specifications and thus offer high CT integration flexibility. They can therefore be used to build multiple CT scanners with different characteristics (e.g. power levels, gantry speeds, etc.).


We currently offer three different bundles: Xpert bundle with either CT8000 or CT6000 and Xceed bundle with CT4000:

Xpert bundle with CT8000

This bundle sets a new benchmark for your high-end CT scanners.

Xpert bundle with CT6000

Its cutting-edge technology takes your CT system to the next level.

Xceed bundle with CT4000

This solution boasts exceptional lifetime to match your product’s high level of reliability.
Additionally, these bundles can be combined with a detector. Our portfolio offers a range of 16, 64 and 128 row CT-detectors.
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Dunlee is a brand of the Philips Company Group and distributes all products, solutions and services for the third-party imaging business. The product portfolio includes CT, MR and X-ray solutions for OEMs, CT replacement tubes and 3D printed tungsten products.
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