Dunlee is offering fully integrated solution bundles including detectors with 16-, 64- and 128 rows. The detectors are developed together with our other product components for optimal synchronization and compatibility.


The CT detectors designed with a rich background of CT system development and are based on more than 40 years of development experience. We are manufacturing those products in a clean room environment with fully automated production lines to achieve high precision and reliability repeatedly.

128 Row detector

The 128 Row detector is Dunlee's solution to help meet the demanding standards of CT high-end segment. With its wide coverage, patient throughput can be increased, as less time is needed to complete a CT scan.

64 Row detector

The 64 Row detector is Dunlee’s recommendation to help meet the needs of the performance-level segment. It offers proven reliability and is perfectly equipped for every days demanding CT imaging routines.

16 Row detector

The 16 Row detector is Dunlee's first choice to help meet the needs of the entry-level segment. It combines a lightweight design to reduce gantry cost with the ability to improve ease of service.
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About Dunlee

Dunlee is a brand of the Philips Company Group and distributes all products, solutions and services for the third-party imaging business. The product portfolio includes CT, MR and X-ray solutions for OEMs, CT replacement tubes and 3D printed tungsten products.
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