Product brochures CT product bundles:
Dunlee Xpert bundle with CT8000: Extraordinary image quality combined with wide coverage
(PDF / 777 KB)
Dunlee Xpert bundle with CT6000: Excellent cooling capability meets high-resolution imaging
(PDF / 468 KB)
Dunlee Xceed bundle with CT4000: High reliability for superb lifetime
(PDF / 280 KB)
Product brochures CT detectors:
Dunlee CD500 128 row detector: Our most advanced detector for high-resolution imaging
(PDF /  1.6 MB)
Dunlee CD300 64 row detector: Designed for outstanding image quality
(PDF /  83 KB)
Dunlee CD100 16 row detector: Where weight and size matters most
(PDF / 99 KB)
Product brochures CT X-ray tubes:
Dunlee CTR2200 series: Excellent image quality meets flexibility
(PDF / 314 KB)
Dunlee CTR2100 series: Proven track record and advanced image resolution
(PDF / 318 KB)
Dunlee CTR1700 series: Good quality, and price ratio
(PDF / 298 KB)


Product brochures DU-E family:
Dunlee DU1750-E: High performance tube for radiography
(PDF / 258 KB)
Dunlee DU2550-E: High performance tube for nearby fluoroscopy and radiography
(PDF / 281 KB)
Dunlee DU33100-E: High performance tube for radiography and remote fluoroscopy
(PDF / 273 KB)
Product brochures DA-DU family:
Dunlee DA 1094 DU 694: High resolution with excellent reliability
(PDF / 1.7 MB)


Replacement CT tubes (EMEA)
(PDF / 170 KB)
Replacement CT tubes (North America)
(PDF / 1 MB)
CT Replacement tubes cross reference
(PDF / 1.53 MB)


3D printed pure tungsten parts
(PDF / 362 KB)


Fiber-interspaced anti-scatter grids:
Smit Röntgen fiber-interspaced anti-scatter grids
(PDF / 1.65 MB)


True zero boil off magnets, standard bore
(PDF / 166 KB)
RF Power Amplifier
(PDF / 360 KB)
Invivo Sentinelle Breast Coil
(PDF / 2.32 MB)
Invivo Sense general purpose flex L coil 1.5T
(PDF / 1.94 MB)
Invivo Sense general purpose flex L coil 3.0T
(PDF / 1.94  MB)
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Dunlee is a brand of the Philips Company Group and distributes all products, solutions and services for the third-party imaging business. The product portfolio includes CT, MR and X-ray solutions for OEMs, CT replacement tubes and 3D printed tungsten products.
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