The Xpert bundle with CT6500 combines high performance with flexibility in designing a CT gantry. It ideally suits the needs of mid range to high end CT systems. The Xpert bundle is part of the product bundle range, which consists of separate components that have been perfectly matched to each other for outstanding performance through extensive integration tests. It consists of an X-ray tube with CoolGlide™, generator, cooling unit and cables. Additionally, it can be combined with a power distribution unit and a detector.


Solution provider

  • The Xpert bundle comes pre-integrated and pre-calibrated for each clinical application
  • Important certificates and approvals are included and have been tested for a fast time to market


Fast gantry rotation

  • Excellent image quality even with high heart rates or fast-moving organs
  • Better performance for improved cardiac examinations


More flexibility and less dose

  • Enables building a wider bore CT scanner to image patients with high BMI
  • Wider range for low kV imaging in order to reduce dose


Xpert bundle with CT6500 for a fast integration into your development process to speed up the time to market.


This product package provides solutions along the way, from development through after sales service to support your business process.


The components are supplied readily calibrated and configured to help reduce your required R&D resources and costs. All cables are preassembled and color coded for an easy and fast system integration.


The use of simplified, higher-level commands means that your team does not require in-depth knowledge of tubes and generators. On top of that we offer an all-round support during development and throughout the whole product lifecycle. You are set for efficient production and clinical workflow.


Additionally the bundle can be combined with CP700, a power distribution unit.


  • The CP700 eases the implementation of the Xpert bundle into the CT gantry.
  • The readily configured CP700 helps to reduce your required R&D resources and costs.
  • Completing the Xpert bundle with the CP700 speeds up the time to market.

Specifications CT6500

Maximum Power [kW]

(IEC Rated (4/600 sec repeated)


G-load [g]


Maximum Nominal Gantry Speed [rpm]

(@570mm FS to ISO distance)

240 +2%

Nominal Tube Voltage [kV]


Focal Spots [mm]

Large: 1.1 x 1.2
Small: 0.6 x 0.7
Extra Small (optional): 0.4 x 0.7

Dynamic Focal Spot

X-DFS: Yes
Z-DFS: Yes




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