17 | December 2020

Production changes result in longer CT X-ray tube life
Dunlee shares results of CT replacement tube analysis

A recent analysis of Dunlee's CT replacement X-ray tubes showed significant improvements in tube life, the company announced. Long tube life is an important indicator of tube quality.

11 | December 2020

Webinar: Boost Part Performance with Metal 3D Printing
Find out if 3D printing is a viable alternative to your current component manufacturing processes at a free webinar presented jointly by Dunlee and EOS.

23 | November 2020

Dunlee's liquid metal bearing CT replacement tube for Revolution™ Evo and Optima™ 660 scanners receives FDA clearance
The new Dunlee DA200P40+LMB CT replacement tube has received FDA clearance, and deliveries will begin by end of 2020 in the USA and Europe. Featuring CoolGlide™ technology, the CT tube is an alternative to the OEM liquid metal bearing (LMB) replacement CT tube for GE Revolution™ Evo and Optima™ 660 CT scanners.

17 | November 2020

Dunlee Invivo Sentinelle coil specialists provide novel training during coronavirus pandemic
When the COVID-19 pandemic halted in-person training that taught MR technologists how to use Invivo Sentinelle 8-channel or 16-channel breast coils for cancer screening and biopsy applications, Invivo Sentinelle application specialists transitioned the hands-on training to a virtual environment.


Dunlee at CMEF 2019

Video CMEF 2019


Okt 01, 2018
Dunlee invests into five new 3D tungsten-printing machines

Apr 27, 2018
Printed tungsten parts for applications in vacuum

Feb 27, 2018
Anti-scatter grids
Thinner than an eggshell: Tungsten wall thickness of 100 μm

Dez 04, 2017
3D printed 2D anti-scatter grid prototype for CBCT

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