16 | April 2021

Dunlee shares tips on thriving in a value-based care model in HIT Consultant article
As reimbursement increasingly shifts toward-value based care and pressure mounts to improve patient outcomes at a lower cost, radiology leaders need to ask themselves three key questions – how cost effective are my imaging technology operations? Is my technology reliable? Is it appropriate for our patient demand? Jerry Carlson, Dunlee’s Product Support Manager, provides answers about thriving in a value-based care model in HIT Consultant.

16 | April 2021

Imaging Technology News article highlights factors that impact uptime and efficiency
As elective procedures return in many parts of the globe, radiology departments have the opportunity to re-examine processes and apply the lessons learned during COVID-19. By taking steps now to assess factors that affect equipment uptime, you can create more efficient department operations long-term – from adjusting protocols to optimize throughput, to investigating cost-saving alternatives such as third-party replacement part manufacturers. Learn more from Martin Wimmer, Dunlee’s Service Leader for X-ray Tubes & Generators, in Imaging Technology News.

16 | April 2021

Dunlee shares insights on technology purchasing criteria in Diagnostic Imaging article
How can radiology organizations achieve the right balance between adopting new imaging solutions and managing costs, while meeting the current demands of the pandemic? Guido Stoeckmann, Dunlee’s Regional Sales Manager, identifies four ways organizations should reevaluate technology investments to future-proof their operations in Diagnostic Imaging.

12 | April 2021

Dunlee invites you to MD Expo 2021
On April 16-17, Dunlee is exhibiting at MD Expo, a conference for healthcare technology management professionals, including clinical engineers, biomedical technicians, directors and managers, and procurement/asset managers. The conference will be held at the Renaissance Dallas Addison Hotel in Dallas, Texas.


Dunlee at CMEF 2019

Video CMEF 2019


Okt 01, 2018
Dunlee invests into five new 3D tungsten-printing machines

Apr 27, 2018
Printed tungsten parts for applications in vacuum

Feb 27, 2018
Anti-scatter grids
Thinner than an eggshell: Tungsten wall thickness of 100 μm

Dez 04, 2017
3D printed 2D anti-scatter grid prototype for CBCT

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