06 | August 2020

Webinar: Increase CT Uptime by Decreasing Tube Arcing
Learn how to increase uptime and get the more out of your CT scanners by decreasing X-ray tube arcing.

29 | Juli 2020

Dunlee meets customers at virtual booth for a successful ECR
When the European Congress of Radiology shifted to a virtual meeting, Dunlee rose to the challenge, offering customers a varied and valuable experience despite the lack of in-person interaction.

10 | July 2020

EOS and Dunlee join forces to ramp up anti-scatter grid production in response to the novel coronavirus
CT imaging has emerged as a valuable weapon in the war against the novel coronavirus, because of the modality's ability to detect the "ground glass" white spots in the lungs that are a sign of COVID-19. To support patient access to CT exams, Dunlee has increased 3D printing of tungsten anti-scatter grids, which are an important component of quality CT systems.

06 | July 2020

Webinar: How can you decrease x-ray tube arcing?
X-ray tube arcing can cause image artifacts and system damage. Understanding its causes and how to prevent them can help you increase uptime and get the most out of your CT scanners. In this webinar, you will learn about how arcing (high-voltage discharges in X-ray tubes) affects your CT scanner. We will discuss the most important components and technologies impacting arcing, and introduce the physics and material science behind this phenomenon.


Dunlee at CMEF 2019

Video CMEF 2019


Okt 01, 2018
Dunlee invests into five new 3D tungsten-printing machines

Apr 27, 2018
Printed tungsten parts for applications in vacuum

Feb 27, 2018
Anti-scatter grids
Thinner than an eggshell: Tungsten wall thickness of 100 μm

Dez 04, 2017
3D printed 2D anti-scatter grid prototype for CBCT

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