How can we support greater access to care and radiation therapy for cancer patients worldwide?

While radiation has been used to treat cancer since the turn of the last century, today’s radiation therapy is vastly different than the imprecise methods used not so long ago. Patients today benefit from radiation therapy that is safer, more precise and more effective.

Child with cancer receives treatment from a nurse

Image Source: WHO (2023): Cancer centres of excellence help increase survival rates among children

One technology that contributes to these benefits is cone beam CT (CBCT). CBCT uses a comparatively low dose of radiation to acquire 3D, 360-degree images that are used in treatment planning and procedures. When mounted on a linear accelerator (LINAC), CBCT can be used before treatment to confirm tumor position, as well as real-time to monitor tumor movement during radiation delivery. By providing information that enables radiation to be more precisely directed at the tumor, CBCT helps spare surrounding healthy tissue from exposure and harm. This enhances treatment outcomes and decreases side effects. CBCT uses less radiation than conventional CT, and does not interfere with accelerator movement.

Increasing access to radiation therapy


Unfortunately, many cancer patients do not have access to potentially lifesaving radiation therapy because of a scarcity of linear accelerators in many parts of the world. While there are more than 10,000 LINACS in use, only 10% of patients in low-income and 40% in middle-income countries who need radiation therapy have access to it. And among those who do have access, not all will be treated with Radiation Therapy devices, equipped with onboard imaging.

Dunlee’s goal in partnering with manufacturers of treatment equipment is to make CBCT more widely available, so that more patients can benefit. Our CBCT bundles provide a cost-effective imaging option for image-guided radiotherapy. They lower the barrier to entry for image-guided radiation therapy systems by providing an X-ray tube, flat panel X-ray detector, anti-scatter grid and all necessary cables – all optimized for integration into linear accelerators.

It is estimated that by 2030, if every patient who needs radiation therapy has access to it, almost one million more lives will be saved every year. Dunlee looks forward to the day when all those who need radiotherapy will be able to access it. Our new CBCT bundles are one step in the right direction.

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