Dunlee to Feature Innovative Imaging Technology at CMEF

14-17 May, National Exhibition and Convention Center, Shanghai


Visit the Dunlee exhibit (Hall 3, booth 3Z87) at The China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) to learn how Dunlee is contributing to a smart future.

“The CMEF theme of ‘New Tech, Smart Future’ is reflected in our exhibit, where we showcase our solutions for hospitals and medical device manufacturers,” said Jan Laheij, Dunlee General Manager. “Our partnerships with our customers are based on a shared vision of using technology to advance healthcare around the world.”

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High Throughput CT Tubes with CoolGlide™ Technology


The exhibit will feature liquid metal bearing CT tubes that use CoolGlide™ technology to deliver excellent heat dissipation for continuous scanning, supporting high throughput. The perfect alignment and integration of CT6000 and CT8000 liquid metal bearing tubes and generators in Dunlee‘s Xpert bundle enables an almost arc-free operation, improving workflow and lowering costs. This performance allows CT operation with almost no re-scans due to arcing.


The CT3000 and CT4000 LMB tubes -- also available in product bundles that include a generator, cooling unit and cables, which have been tested together for ease of integration, high reliability, high throughput, long lifetime and sharp imaging -- expand the range of Dunlee tubes to provide manufacturers with increased design flexibility.

Meet with Regional Distributors of Replacement CT Tubes at the Dunlee Booth


Dunlee’s regional distributor network for replacement CT tubes -- with five distributors who each cover distinct geographical regions -- ensures that customers work with experts who understand local challenges and can meet needs for fast delivery and low scanner downtime. On May 14, representatives of our distributor network will be at the Dunlee CMEF booth to meet with customers. If you’d like to meet with the distributor for your region, please email sales.dunlee@philips.com to arrange a meeting. Distributors include:


  • Shanghai Zhuo Xin medical device Co., LTD
  • Shenzhen Lianjiaxin Pharma Tech Co., LTD
  • Chengdu Huirong Medical Equipment Service Co., LTD
  • Beijing Yuanbo Xinji Technology Co., LTD
  • Beijing Shengshi Tengyun International Trading Co., LTD

New Offering: Cone Beam CT for Linear Accelerator Manufacturers


For the first time at CMEF, Dunlee is showcasing its oncology bundles, designed to make it easy to integrate onboard Cone Beam CT (CBCT) in linear accelerators. Incorporating onboard imaging in linear accelerators is a major breakthrough in the efforts to make radiation therapy more precise, because it enables physicians to take images immediately before treatment while the patient is in the treatment position.
These bundles include an X-ray tube with a small focal spot to enable high resolution imaging; a flat panel detector featuring a large field-of-view, excellent soft tissue visualization to identify tumor borders, and frame speeds of up to 150 frames-per-second for quick delivery; an anti-scatter grid that significantly improves soft tissue visibility and uniformity without the need to increase imaging dose; and all necessary cables.

3D Printer Park Creates Quality Tungsten Components


Another innovative offering that contributes to a smart future is Dunlee’s tungsten printer park. Dunlee works in partnership with its customers from conceptualization to mass production to create anti-scatter grids. In addition, we are interested in exploring opportunities and components for applications in mining, nuclear fusion, aerospace, energy, automotive, and other industries. Using additive manufacturing can ease supply chain management and reduce waste and energy consumption. Our printer park repurposes 100% of production waste and has a zero waste-to-landfill policy to support a sustainable world.

See the Difference in Invivo Sentinelle MR Breast Coils


Dunlee’s Invivo Sentinelle breast coils feature patented variable coil geometry, open imaging aperture, and an assortment of padding. Visit the Dunlee booth to see how these coils make a difference in image quality, patient comfort and accessibility for biopsies.


“Dunlee is China’s number one supplier of innovative medical imaging components,” said Stephen Deng, Global Sales Head. “We are committed to helping hospitals provide outstanding medical imaging services and contributing to the success of local medical imaging OEMs.”


Visit Dunlee at Hall 3, booth 3Z87. To arrange a meeting, please contact sales.dunlee@philips.com.

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About Dunlee

Dunlee is a brand of the Philips Company Group and distributes all products, solutions and services for the third-party imaging business. The product portfolio includes CT, MR and X-ray solutions for OEMs and 3D printed tungsten products.

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