Dunlee CT Component Bundles Help Manufacturers Decrease Time-to-Market

Dunlee, a leading provider of CT, X-ray, MR and 3-D-printed tungsten products for the OEM market and CT tubes for the replacement market, announces CT component bundles designed for fast integration into OEM development processes.


The three turnkey bundles — Xceed with CT4000, Xpert with CT6000 and Xpert with CT8000-cover a range of technical specifications and include a generator, X-ray tube and cooling unit that have been developed and tested together, as well as color-coded respectively non-interchangeable cables, tools and manuals. The CT4000 and CT6000 options can also be configured with an X-ray detector.


Pre-Calibration Saves Time and Resources

The bundles are designed to speed time-to-market. “We test and calibrate the components before they leave our factory, saving our customers the time and resources that their R&D departments would have to devote to these tasks if they purchased components separately,” says Alexander Eitel, Head of Marketing and Business Development. “The tube and generator are integrated and calibrated for several clinical applications, so CT system manufacturers can be assured that the components work together right out of the box.”


In addition, the bundles have received important certificates and approvals, to decrease system manufacturers’ regulatory efforts. Shipped in transport frames and recyclable containers, they arrive ready to be integrated into CT systems.


Outstanding Cooling and Arc Ride-Through Aid Throughput

The bundles’ X-ray tubes all feature liquid metal bearings, which allow up to twice as many scans as tubes with traditional ball bearings as a result of their excellent cooling capacity. The CT6000 and CT8000 tubes also have a unipolar tube design that uses water-based cooling liquid rather than oil, further boosting the cooling capacity. Productivity is also enhanced because the generators are able to ride through up to 90 percent of tube arcs without interrupting the scan.

New Xpert Bundle With CT8000 Developed for High-End Systems

The newest of the bundles, the Xpert with CT8000, delivers exceptional image quality and wide coverage to meet the needs of the most demanding applications.

16-Centimeter Coverage Enables Single Rotation Scanning

The CT8000’s wide coverage allows users to scan an entire organ up to 16 cm, such as the brain, heart or liver, in a single rotation. The ability to scan the region of interest in a single rotation decreases the risk of motion artifacts caused by organ movement, helping to acquire high-quality images without multiple exams. It also benefits patients who have difficulty holding their breath, those who are unable to control their movements, or those with irregular pulses or high and fluctuating heart rates. In addition, because no helical scanning is required, patient exposure dose is reduced, and contrast agent is minimized. The fast gantry rotation also contributes to high throughput.

“Our customers are looking for turnkey solutions that make product development and manufacturing more efficient,” Eitel points out. “The single supplier model for these components saves our customers time, while still enabling them to get great value and outstanding componts."

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Dunlee is a brand of the Philips Company Group and distributes all products, solutions and services for the third-party imaging business. The product portfolio includes CT, MR and X-ray solutions for OEMs and 3D printed tungsten products.

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