Webinar: How can you decrease x-ray tube arcing?

X-ray tube arcing can cause image artifacts and system damage. Understanding its causes and how to prevent them can help you increase uptime and get the most out of your CT scanners. In this webinar, you will learn about how arcing (high-voltage discharges in X-ray tubes) affects your CT scanner. We will discuss the most important components and technologies impacting arcing, and introduce the physics and material science behind this phenomenon.

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We'll help you understand how to prevent arcing and how to mitigate the effects of an arcing incident. And you'll gain understanding about how to assess equipment and technology in terms of how they impact arcing. Join us for this 60-minute, in-depth analysis of one of CT scanning's most persistent yet unpredictable problems, featuring Rolf Behling, founder and owner of XtraininX.

Register now and join us July 8, at 2:00 pm ET!


This webinar has ended. Click here to watch the recorded version.

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