Dunlee Tube Type CT Scanner Model Type P/N
Reevo 240G GE Discovery CT 590 RT and Select Series -96401 
  GE Optima CT 580 RT/580 W  
  GE LightSpeed VCT, VCT Select, RT, Pro 16, Pro 32  
DA 200 ULTRA GE LightSpeed 16, Ultra, Plus, QX/i, RT -88704
  GE Discovery LS, ST, STE, RX, CT600, CT670  
  GE HiSpeed QX/i  
  GE BrightSpeed Edge, Excel, Elite  
DA 200 CT/i GE HiSpeed CT/i -87504
DA 200 Pro GE HiSpeed ZX/i, NX/i, NX/i Pro -88401
DA 165 HiSpeed GE HiSpeed Advantage, CT/i -82600
DA/MX 165 PS GE Sytec 6000, 8000, ProSpeed -82900
DA/MX 165 NP GE HiSpeed DX/i, FX/i, LX/i -83900
DA/MX 135 CT/e GE CT/e, CT/e Dual, Ai -80800
DA/MX 135 Sytec GE Sytec SR/i, Sytec Synergy -77510

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